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April 18th, 2009 | No Comments »

Hi regular readers!,

Well today has been a hectic day for me! Had a few projects to finish off, have one or two to start on still. Well anyways apart from that Ive tried to make some video tutorials to put up on our new channel. I’ve also been making the channel display background! Hope it’ll look good when it shows.

My mic is a little ‘poorly’ at the moment, Ive made the tutorial and the voice is not the best. Once I’ve bought my new mic (which will be very soon) Ill get to put up more tutorials fast.

I’ll have to ask Naz what he thinks of my tutorial, although the voice is quite bad as the mic isn’t very good. Hopefully this will be sorted very soon.

Until then guys take a look at our other videos on the channel.

Apart from going on about the channel, tutorials and stuff you should get some more insight to the website. Well Naz has been working hard and after several attempts he put up a cool testemonials section on the homepage. Its flash and cool!
Check that out guys and credit goes to Naz.

The portfolio will finish being uploaded soon and we’re having discussions on how to make the contact page look more snazzy!

Anyways theres my daily rant. Thanks for reading, Until next time!


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