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April 16th, 2009 | No Comments »

Hi guys,

Its time for your update dose! Just before dinner I wanted to type this up and let you guys know that … We have our own YOUTUBE channel now! Isn’t that awesome.

The new channel will hopefully be another way of getting across to regular youtuber’s and other members of the public. In our Youtube videos we will be including:

- Unboxing’s
- Reviews
- Tips & Tricks for our clients *exclusive*
- Tutorials and lots more!

Guys do check out the new channel. Me and Naz have still to make the background and customise the channel, but guess what … you can find some videos already on there!

All videos are done by Naz, a few of him testing out his ‘beloved’ iPhone, giving a quick tip and just a test walkthrough. We wanted to test out the borrowed ‘Samsung’ I forgot what version it is … Anyways it was a 5 megapixel and to our surprise it turned out to be available in HQ on Youtube

Find the link below to the channel. Me and Naz have also been tackling new screencast software. We decided to go for something free and opensource first, we found Wink which was quite good but for some reason we where having lots of problems! We spent hours yesterday figuring everything out!

After me mentioning my experience using ‘Camtasia Studio’ Naz and Me decided to buy a copy of it. So we also created a introduction video on youtube, its a screencast with Naz. Hope you guys like it, again do check it out.

Well I bet I’ve bored the death out of you guys, So Im going to wrap it up here. I just want to say thanks to Naz for the cool idea of getting a Youtube channel.

Do check it out and make sure you do our famous CRS – Comment, Rate and Subscribe!


Thanks regular bloggers!

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