Top 5 Tips For Effective Web Design

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Website Design Basics
At Web Tag web design we always aim for best practice when it comes to website development; from all angles: design, development, content and delivery.

Following on from our last post, we thought it might be fun to put together a few ideas on website etiquette in more of a focused fashion, covering some of the dos and don’ts of effective web design.

These are not ideas and tips cast in stone – so we welcome your feedback on what you think too! That goes for any of our regular customers or blog readers; or anyone else who has come across the Web Tag Blog while perusing the blogosphere!

Remember, at Web Tag: we believe in creating crisp, stylish and contemporary websites that are tailor made around our clients’ business needs.

Less Is Often More
When it comes to loud colours, graphics and lots of photos many web designers prefer these days to think that ‘less is more’. Some web designers, when starting out, often throw ‘the kitchen sink’ into their designs. You can still see examples of overcrowded pages on the web, crammed with images, flashing lights and grabs for attention.

We believe in inviting web users into a calm, reflective and stimulating space where they will feel at home and feel comfortable to take the time and trouble to look at what it is being offered to them – often light space: white, off white or something equally gentle in the background will give your visitors the room to reflect on your message; and also give the creative look of the site’s design, the attention it deserves.

Overloaded pages can also be slow to load online, especially for web surfers operating with modem dial up or without broadband.

Clear Focus
Your site needs to have a clear purpose and focus. It’s not just colours and the design and layout – although that is very important – you need a clear message from the words too: text headers, page headings and all your on page copy right down to the bottom of your page with a clear explanation of who you are and what you are about.

Your online content, visual, multi-media and text, should work together to create a clear call to action; not oversell but marketing content and design combined to encourage your website visitors that your business service or product may well be worth giving a try.

Clear Navigation
That’s not just your home page either that needs to be clear and focused to sell your product or service – you need a clear, effective navigational structure too. That means easy to find and use linking structure between pages – meaning links which are clearly labelled and offer unambiguous navigational signposts to the user. You need to let visitors know where they are going to go, whether that is another page on your site or to a web page on another site.

Site maps are also recommended for larger sites to help the ease of navigation that little bit further.

Do Not Forget The Basics
Your design needs to reflect who you are and what you are selling. Bold and funky with bright colours is good for some business services: entertainments, creatives, etc; whereas other professions may require a colour scheme, design and tone that reflects a more serious approach. As well as a clear navigational structure we will aim to make sure your design is a perfect fit for your business, looks wise and user wise; and that all your contact details are clearly displayed too, including email and telephone info – and a web form if required (highly recommended). We need to make it easy for customers to contact you.

Attention To Detail
We strive to maintain our focus on all aspects of your website and our service to you. At Web Tag design we will cover every detail to ensure that all your pages link up, fonts and colours match – or work well together – and that the design is subtle and powerful, reflecting your business priorities.

It’s not just the graphic design and general usability that requires attention to detail but the entire content development. In turn, as well as technical web design, hosting, and creative graphic design services, we can also provide copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to make sure your site will work well from every perspective, including the all important search engines and online marketing side of things as well as for site visitors once they enter your site.

What do you think about our ideas? If you have some good tips on web design or any related issues why not post a comment?

Best wishes from the Web Tag Team, creative web designers offering a full range of UK web design services.

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