Web Design: It’s Your Virtual Shop Window Man!

March 1st, 2010 | No Comments »

Some thoughts on web design…

If you want a great website that will work for you then right now is a great time to get into developing a website for your business.

At Web Tag web design we are always thinking about web design, what makes a great website; and thinking about current trends in web design and how to create a website that works well for the individual needs of customers.

And it occurred to us recently just what a long way web design has come in a relatively short period of time.

Think about it this way. In the nineties (way back when) as the rush and excitement about dotcom, web design, ecommerce and the like reached epic proportions, stock prices rose and fell, bubbles blew and burst and it is also true that lots of people paid over the top prices for web design and website ideas, only to be left, in some cases, with very design heavy sites often looking like Xmas trees, all lit up to grab your attention but with not much to say; as well as poor design and usability to go with it; and in many cases such sites turned out to be very unprofitable websites that did not do that good a job for their businesses.

Fortunately, now as we establish ourselves in the ‘post noughties’ decade, creative web design is much more mature. So much has been learned in the interim about web design and what makes a good site.

At Web Tag towers we like to think we are in the know about what makes a good website, especially for small and medium sized business.

Functionality is the key; we aim to understand your brand, showcase your services and complete a user friendly site. We don’t add features just for the sake of it.

We aim to create an easy to use site for all our customers, and perhaps even more importantly, for their site visitors, combining great content, great design; great usability.

We can include drop down menus, flash intros and video; e-commerce checkouts; mail forms; anything you like; but what we aim for is that whatever we do include in your site it will never be all crowded and messy and a nightmare for visitors like some of those old sites used to be; instead less is more and we will aim to create a stylish, funky site for you that will not over do it with this, that and the other.

Your website needs to be easy to use for the average customer and give them the information that they want. Style wise and graphic design wise; it needs to breathe with some space on the page not just crammed with information.

We can create a design for you which will focus on your business goals and be succinct in its approach to relaying your message to your customers online.

At Web Tag we have a highly accomplished team of graphic designers, web designers, SEO advisors and copywriters who can put all the elements in place to make a website for you at an affordable price which will sell your services online.

Thanks for bearing with us why we extol the virtues of web design and online marketing for small business!

Kindest regards, Naz and The Web Tag team, dedicated web designers, Slough, UK.

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