About us

So why should you use us? We can think of many answers, but here are five key ones: superb web design, awesome graphic design, great service, competitive prices, and a dedicated designer assigned to your project.

1. Superb web design: we really know our stuff. Take a look at our portfolio and testimonials section and you’ll see what we mean. Better yet, give us a chance to show you exactly how we could help your company!

2. Awesome graphic design: we can create web banners, web ads, sketches or hand drawings and image manipulation that will really get your customers’ attention.

3. Great service: from our first contact through to sign-off and beyond. Our level of customer care is second to none – one reason why we now work for clients throughout the UK. Whether you want a simple leaflet print job or a customised website with full flash animation, we commit the same painstaking effort and attention to detail.

4. Competitive prices: we don’t think you’ll find a more affordable service at this quality in Slough – or anywhere else in Berkshire. But if you do, we’ll happily undercut your quote by 10%.

5. Dedicated designer: once you appoint us, we’ll assign a designer to your project. So you’ll always know who’s responsible for your work.


What’s your name?: Naz

Where’s home: Slough, Berkshire.

Speciality: Front-end web design.

Experience: What experience! Just joking…actually, I have over three years’ worth.

Software: I’m really, really good at Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop. And pretty good at Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe AfterEffects and Omega 2.5.

Favourite things: Hmmm…has to be my iPhone. I love all my accessories and buying different cases. Life’s too short to have the same phone case all the time!

When not designing, you: Like lazing on the sofa, watching movies and playing shoot-em-ups on the xbox!

Pop, juice or water: Pop all the way, baby (unless I’m trying to diet).

Inspirations: An art teacher called Mrs Woods. She taught me everything there is to know about art and got me hooked on graphics.

Political views: I’d rather not. The world will sort itself out.

Half full or half empty: Now you’re confusing me!

Anything else: Yep. Can I go and finish my work now?


What’s your name?: Adil

Where’s home: Good ol’ Birmingham.

Speciality: Graphic design.

Experience: More than Naz, I’m a pro! Well, over two years’ experience anyway.

Software: I love using Photoshop; it’s simple and clean. I also use Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver, and still experiment with Flash!

Favourite things: Does that include humans?

When not designing, you: Prepare for exams. So I design, revise, eat and sleep (probably in that order).

Pop, juice or water: It’s all about the taste!

Inspirations: My uncle. He does extraordinary canvas paintings. When I try it, we end up needing a new carpet…

Political views: End world poverty and racial discrimination.

Half full or half empty: Half empty! I have loads more to do and I’ve got some great designs in me.

Anything else: Nope. Now let’s go and play football.


What’s your name?: Sia

Where’s home: Furthest west London.

Speciality: PHP, MySQL, Database.

Experience: Hmmm…more than five years.

Software: For design I’m a hardcore Fireworks fan, but I do use Photoshop to spice up my designs. For coding it’s got to be Notepad++ or vim in a terminal!

Favourite things: My iPod touch, hands down! I use it for everything from a flashlight to a plate.

When not designing, you: Take photographs.

Pop, juice or water: Water mostly. Plain, boring but no calories!

Inspirations: Sitting in the dark listening to loud music.

Political views: I can see Parliament Square from here…

Half full or half empty: Half empty. There’s always room for improvement!

Anything else: I’ll let you know when I think of it.


What’s your name?: David

Where’s home: Purley, Surrey.

Speciality: Killer copywriting, from websites to brochures and everything in between.

Experience: Over 20 years, working for lots of clients you’ve heard of (and many others you’ve never heard of).

Software: I have dabbled with Photoshop in my web editor days, but really it’s just Microsoft Word. For a writer, that’s all you need.

Favourite things: My kids Zoe and Ben, aged five and four. (Ahhh!)

When not writing, you: Like listening to loud music and eating out (but not at the same time).

Pop, juice or water: Hmmm: got anything else?

Inspirations: Some SF writers like Jack Vance, Orson Scott Card, Brian Aldiss and others – helped me to see the world (and the universe) differently.

Political views: My view is that MPs seem to be claiming rather too many expenses.

Half full or half empty: Usually half full – although it does depend what’s in the glass.

Anything else: Fancy a game of chess? You can move first if you like.