Website Links: Linking To Other Web Pages

April 12th, 2010 | No Comments »

Website Links Basics
Links are the lifeblood of website pages. The ability to link from one page to another enables the World Wide Web to work:

Here is an example of a web page link: web designer.

What Are Web Links?
Links, or hyperlinks as they are known, are references to other pages, sign posts if you like to let the reader know there is more information available related to what is currently being read.
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Differences Between Tables & Divs

July 4th, 2009 | No Comments »

Hi regular readers!

We know that its been quite a while since we posted … actually a long time! If you’ve been over to our youtube channel you would know that we’ve introduced a few videos and their are lots more to come. Stay tuned for that.

Ok so here we bring you our very first article, being long and interesting we have split this article into two parts. Enjoy part one for now and we will release part two very soon. In this article im going to debate about the most discussed topic in the web design industry. Now if you’re a proffesional designer and have been in the industry for quite sometime you would know that divs and CSS are the way! There are no if’s or but’s its a defenite use of CSS and Divs for any project to do with web design.

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