Web Tag Thanking All Their Customers!

February 22nd, 2010 | No Comments »

Hey wise up, some more blog post musings from the Web Tag team!

The purpose of this blog post is to say that we are really enjoying our work at the moment and so we thought we would spread some good cheer around, especially with no end in sight to this awful weather!

We are glad to say, in fact, that, despite the economic pinch many people are feeling at the moment we are still receiving regular orders for our special brand of Slough based creative web design!
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Slough, Berkshire – Affordable High Quality Web Design

February 15th, 2010 | No Comments »

Hi, it’s been a while since we updated the Web Tag design blog with new postings, so we thought we would like to keep in touch more and bring our site visitors and web design customers in the Slough, Berkshire area and those around the country, up-to-date with life at Web Tag towers.

Partly the reason for the lack of blog posts is because since last year things have been really busy. It’s been a case of onwards and upwards and we have been fielding a steady number of enquiries, mainly from businesses in the Slough and Berkshire area seeking low cost, high quality web design.
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WebTag New Site Design

September 5th, 2009 | No Comments »

Just to let you know if you are looking our work on the portfolio page you won’t find any yet! Why? because if you’ve read the previous blog entries you’ll know we are working on the site and uploading work as fast as possible.
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New Videos Update

June 3rd, 2009 | No Comments »

Hi all,

Gosh! The net is really slow at the moment!
Just to let you guys know some of the videos are now uploaded. We’ve been working hard to get some tutorials done. There are some new videos uploaded on our YouTube Channel, their are quick tips, guides, a review and what not. Enjoy the videos uploaded so far guys and don’t forget we still have alot more to upload.

Also a big thanks to Naz for his hard work which he put into re-customising our Youtube channel with a new ‘HalfLife’ theme. I think he was in a gaming mood at the time … :P

So guys don’t forget to drop your feedback, enjoy the tuts and upcoming vidoes and keep those comments coming in!


© Copyright David!

May 28th, 2009 | No Comments »

Hi all,

Its a bit of a cheesy title we know, but we would just like to welcome into our team our newest member David! Welcome David to WebTag. As you might have gathered from the title, he specialises in copywriting. Our team is now complete, with designers as well as writers and copywriters. David completes our team perfectly! He has great knowledge in writing, as you’ll see if you read the information on the WebTag homepage and services page which has been re-written by David. So again we would like to thank David for joining us and we know that he’ll add to our team’s expertise!