Charity Donation

Charity Donation Scheme

Unique Charity Donation For Every New Customer
Web Tag have teamed up with a number of leading charities and are offering new customers a 10 per cent charity donation from all income we receive on new web and graphic design projects.

  • Muslim Aid
  • Christian Aid
  • NSPCC – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • WWF – World Wildlife Fund
  • Cancer Research UK

Our unique charity offer means your new web design or graphic design can help feed a child, save a life, help endangered animals or contribute to vital cancer research.

From a £150 fee that means £15 straight to charity which can make a significant difference, especially in the third world.

Our 10 per cent donation is valid from any and every new project starting this June. Whether you are asking for website design work plus logo, or either a website design or a logo design for your new company we will give away 10 per cent of your fee for free and provide you with proof so you know your donation has gone to a good cause.

Web Tag CEO Nahsaar Bostan explains:
"We are only a small UK design company but we would like to make a contribution to help those in need and so we are letting our new customers know they can help us make a difference, simply by using our web design and graphic design services. We are hoping to raise as much money as we can before Christmas.”


Web Tag Design Charity Donation Scheme
The aim is to show consideration to endangered species and make a contribution to ease suffering in the UK and the third world and even possibly save lives.

From each new project beginning this summer Web Tag have decided to donate 10 per cent of all first-time income* made from that project to one of our five charities, which you get to choose. 

This charity web design and graphic design scheme is a unique and first of its kind proposal for the Slough, Windsor area.  The aim is to make an effective and thoughtful contribution to charity with all our new commissions and projects.

You can choose the donation to go to either cancer research, helping children in danger, putting a stop to abuse, working together to save people in need via Muslim Aid or Christian Aid, or even providing a contribution towards saving endangered species.

If you like we can pick a charity in our choice of five charities in our charity donation partnership scheme. Unfortunately what we cannot do is distribute the 10 per cent charity donation to more than one charity. 

If you are customer from the Slough, Berkshire area where the Web Tag Design Team is based we can guarantee our graphic design and web design charity donation scheme will be a first of its kind for this area, although of course our charity donation scheme is available to our customers throughout the UK too.


Web Design and Graphic Design Saving Lives
Why not give yourself extra reasons to smile with our design services? As well as an affordable web or graphic design from a truly committed team, you can also sleep easy in the knowledge that you are making a small donation to charity.

Christian Aid donations include help to restore people’s livelihoods from natural disaster, including this year’s Haiti earthquake, by providing support for agriculture and income-generation activities to help people feed themselves and make a fresh start.

The NSPCC campaigns to end cruelty to children in the UK and provides a range of services including volunteer counsellors and the helplines: ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline.

Muslim Aid is a UK based international relief and development agency working for over two decades to help save and improve lives across Africa, Asia and Europe.

The World Wildlife Fund works to protect endangered wildlife and environments, tackles climate change and promotes sustainable use of resources. Projects include their campaign to save endangered tigers.

Cancer Research UK is one of the world’s leading charities dedicated to beating cancer and has already made a huge impact in the last 30 years to help increase survival rates with its entirely public funded research.

*The 10 per cent donations for the Web Tag charity scheme are for a one off donation per project. Donations only apply to new clients and new projects, excluding new updates, changes, re-designs on current projects.